Black Heritage Tours


Naam Black Heritage Tours

Organisatie- en formatiestructuur

Rechtspersoonlijkheid:  Small business
Bestuurssamenstelling:  Chairperson, and international advisory board members

Organisatie- en formatiestructuur: CEO, Operations Manager and 2 part time guides
Aantal vaste medewerkers:  4
Aantal betrokken vrijwilligers: 10

Organisatietype Overige
Financiering We will request funds to support the education programs and I am working on developing the Black Heritage Foundation, which will be the philanthropic arm of the company. We will also use part of funds raised from the tour business.
Branche Onderzoek en wetenschap
Werkgebied Internationaal en Nationaal (Amsterdam)
Strategie We offer guided canal and walking tours in Amsterdam and in Brussels exploring this 'hidden history' that is visible on national monuments, canal houses, and in museums. We also are a link to similar tours in the Netherlands (Utrecht, Haarlem, Den Haag) and other cities: London and Paris. I've also co-authored a book: Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide, which includes over 100 locations throughout the city that is used with the tour.
Uitgangspunten strategie Meervoudig perspectief 
Hoofdactiviteit Onderwijs, Kunst en cultuur
Actiegerichte activiteiten Protestbijeenkomsten, lezingen en workshops
Doelgroep International Cultural Tourism Schools: Primary to University level Dutch citizens with roots in the Netherlands, and/or the former colonies (Suriname, Curacao, Aruba, etc.) Researchers/Historians focused on Dutch colonial history
Missie, visie en doelstellingen  
Missie To produce new knowledge about the Black presence in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands from the 16th to the 19th Century, with a focus on the 17th Century, the period known as the Dutch Golden Age; and to reinterpret Dutch colonial history in the present that will include a more complete and balanced representation in the public sphere.
Visie Our vision is to change how our shared history is taught to present and future generations; and, ensure more extensive knowledge about Black History is included as part of compulsory education, in the national cultural heritage and historical archives. To achieve our vision we are building a strong management and consultancy team needed to develop sustainable and profitable multiple revenue-generating business channels focused on Black History and Heritage. To do this we are also building a strong infrastructure and financial model to attract long-term investors and partners.
Doelstelling(en) & speerpunten

To achieve our mission we are building a strong management and consultancy team needed to develop a sustainable business and organisation focused on African Diaspora history and heritage. Our organisation focuses on: 1. Education 2. Experiential Cultural Tourism and Research. We are also part of a larger organisation, Mapping Slavery Worldwide, which is based in the Netherlands that produces maps and publications about the Dutch colonial footprint around the world.


Op het gebied van racismebestrijding: we develop an education program/curriculum to teach about the 'History of Racism', which is an important component for people to understand the present-day reality.
Projects focused on education to expand knowledge about the influence of African Diaspora in nation-building, for example: a tour and book focused on 'the Black Presence & Colonial History in the Rijksmuseum'; children's workbook/guide about Black History in the Netherlands. Also, The Mapping Slavery Project is expanding to include New York State, formerly 'New Netherland' where we are developing an 'African - American - Dutch Heritage' project that will include a tour, map and guidebook.

Op het gebied van herdenken en verwerken; we continue to participate in annual events and activities geared toward commemoration and acknowledgement.

Op het gebied van educatie en bewustwording; we continue to participate and support annual events and activities geared toward human rights education and awareness.