Pan-African Media Development Agency


Naam Pan-African Media Development Agency

Organisatie- en formatiestructuur

Bestuurssamenstelling: President, Secretary and Treaurer
Aantal betrokken vrijwilligers: 3

Organisatietype Overige
Financiering Self-financing
Branche Informatievoorziening
Werkgebied International and National (Amsterdam)
Uitgangspunten strategie African centred perspectief
Hoofdactiviteit Informatievoorziening
Doelgroep All African migrants in the diaspora (especially in the Netherlands)
Missie, visie en doelstellingen  
Missie To exploit available media technology (such as radio, television, internet, print media and others) for education, dissemination of information, for the empowerment of our target group; conduct and also grant interviews on all social, health, educational, business and self-development matters.
Visie Informing, Empowering & Educating Migrants In Diaspora
Doelstelling(en) & speerpunten

To initiate, engage and partnership with individuals or organisations devoted to development project activities in African countries with the aim to improve the quality of life for the rural poor through the provision of basic health facilities, income-generating ventures, provision or enhancement of educational facilities and teaching methods. Also, recruit sponsors and partners for the successful execution of the above objectives.