ACIPP West Africa


Naam ACIPP West Africa

Organisatie- en formatiestructuur

5 - 10

Organisatietype NGO (zelf) organisatie
Financiering Through paid services
  • Onderzoek en wetenschap
  • Kennisdeling en onderwijs
Werkgebied NGO

8.  Onderzoek en Wetenschap
11. Jongeren talentontwikkeling en empowerment
12. Kennis en informatievoorziening
Overig: Training and Capacity Building

Doelgroep Afrika
Missie, visie en doelstellingen  
Missie en visie

ACIPP’s mission is to foster exchange and community engagement  between youth world-wide, in order to enhance capacity and capability for dynamic organizations and companies throughout West Africa.

We create key linkages between organisations in West Africa and highly qualified young professionals from around the world in order to foster international exchange, to build capacity, and to make an impact for both parties that lasts beyond the period of the internship (we call this ”sustainable service”). We also seek to develop and manage programs focused on the empowerment and employment opportunities of West African youth, to bring their ideas to the forefront, and to provide the expertise and energy necessary to bring those ideas to fruition.