Impact Journey


Naam Impact Journey

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Organisatietype NGO (zelf) organisatie
Financiering Projectafhankelijke financiering
  • Onderzoek en wetenschap
  • Bevorderen weerbaarheid en gemeenschapsvorming (community building)
  • Media, informatie en communicatie
  • Kunst en cultuur
Werkgebied Visual Storytelling

2. Bewustwording en verdraagzaamheid
5. Onderwijs
6. Kunst, cultuur en theater
8. Onderzoek en Wetenschap
9. Empowerment mensen van Afrikaanse afkomst
11. Jongeren talentontwikkeling en empowerment
12. Kennis en informatievoorziening

Doelgroep Afrika
Mensen in het Noorden
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Impact Journey was founded on the urgency and necessity of social and environmental change to combat (rising) inequality, exploitation, climate change and to overcome the huge misunderstanding and misrepresentation of ‘the other’.

In the global North the perception of extreme poverty, hunger and misery still prevails when thinking about the Global South - 'developing countries'. Oftentimes a big misconception that prevents sustainable investments, tourism and in general a sense of connectedness. With Impact Journey we try to present a more balanced image of both problems and opportunities, cultural differences and similarities.



We (co-)create Impact Journeys. An umbrella term for innovative, slightly unconventional projects focusing on the interplay between Global South and North, making people, (social) enterprises and decision makers more aware and increase dedicated action to solve issues and / or grasp opportunities.

During our Impact Journeys we focus primarily on advocacy- and capacity building activities. Here we will be using a mixed methods approach using the power of media, stories and technology and combine the skills of a wide range of partners – ranging from individual expertise, social enterprises or NGOs.
Each Impact Journey will be characterized by a different approach in execution, fundraising en partnership – depending on the location, complexity and duration. From 2017 onwards we will start to make Impact Journeys available to join for individuals and customize Impact Journeys for institutions and (social) enterprises.

Samenwerkingsverbanden met: Africa Studies Centre Leiden (artist member), Tropenmuseum, IDleaks, Loughborough University, Low Carbon Energy for Development Network, Climate-KIC, European Institute of Technology, Photographers Nii Obodai and James Barnor, etc.

Naam: From Gold Coast to Ghana, a recap of 60 years' independence with the legendary James Barnor
Korte inhoud: On March 6th Ghana will celebrate its 60th independence day from British colonial powers. A celebration at the one hand, a moment of reflection at the other. What were the promises of Nkrumah? What was his bigger plan? And what has been achieved in the previous 60 years?
How better tell the story of independence through the lens of the most famous Ghanaian photographer? The one that captured the first president Nkrumah and kept on photographing for decades. We will return to Ghana at independence day and search for those people and stories in James’ photographs, rephotograph them and share the stories of independence from a wide range of perspectives using a multi-media approach. Thereby we are going to tell the influential story of DRUM Magazine and its role in the struggle for independence, before and after, working closely with the (archive) of the African Studies Centre in Leiden and James Barnor.


Naam: 'Le Rail' Togo
Korte inhoud: Co-creating enhanced mutual understanding and empowerment through a quite literal visual journey. In 2017 I will walk the disused railroad tracks from Blitta in Central-Northern Togo to Lome, Togo’s capital. From here I will follow the tracks up to Kpalime in the lush mountain regions bordering Eastern Ghana – with an estimated distance of 500 km. Equipped with a camera and notebook the end product will be a combination of local stories and photographs. About life, hardship, friendship and laughter. A Polaroid camera will provide all the ‘participants’ with a lasting image.
Since the railroad crosses a wide range of cultural regions, with- and without electricity, biological and landscape diversity this Impact Journey is able to show a great variety of Togo. A country which isn’t very known in the Global North and oftentimes misunderstood. Therefore it brings another great opportunity, it’s about time for a change!


Naam: Walking the Volta
Korte inhoud:Walking the White Volta to raise awareness of- and accelerate sustainable mitigation of climate change. We will start at the source of the White Volta in Burkina Faso (close to the Malinese border) and follow the river for over 1.000 km all the way down to the Gulf of Guinea in Ghana. By tracking the river we are able to provide an insight in social, economic and environmental sustainability issues that play a key role in different geographies. From upstream to downstream, desert to lush-green and one of the biggest man-made lakes in the world, Lake Volta. From forced migration in the 1960s to current deployment for electricity production and the impact of climate change on these systems.
The result will be a multi-media production based on a compilation of interviews, 360 film, photographs and observations during the journey. A series public engagement activities will follow after online publication, in cooperation with our (media)partners.