Himilo Relief and Development Association (HIRDA)


Naam Himilo Relief and Development Association (HIRDA)


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Organisatietype NGO (zelf) organisatie
Financiering Public and NGO's
Branche Bevorderen weerbaarheid en gemeenschapsvorming (community building)
Werkgebied International Development and youth Integration

2. Bewustwording en verdraagzaamheid
5. Onderwijs
9. Empowerment mensen van Afrikaanse afkomst
11. Jongeren talentontwikkeling en empowerment
12. Kennis en informatievoorziening
Overig: Diaspora Engament

Doelgroep Afrika
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HIRDA stands for Himilo Relief and Development Association. The word 'Himilo' is a Somali word which means ‘vision’. Founded 1998 by members of the Somali refugees in the Netherlands, HIRDA works with other organisations to find lasting solutions to poverty and human suffering in Somalia. Since its formation, HIRDA has become one of the leading migrant organisations in the Netherlands working on aid, development and integration issues.

Our Vision:

A Horn of Africa where Somali groups live in peace, without hunger and with equal opportunities for all.

Our Mission:

To improve the well being of Somali people in the Horn of Africa through enhancing self-reliance and access to basic social services together with local and diaspora communities.

In order to realize this mission, HIRDA focuses on six intervention areas:

Sport, Peace & Development

  • Equal educational opportunities for boys and girls;
  • Promoting women empowerment in Somali society;
  • Mobilising relief services for refugees and internally displaced people;
  • Creating income-generating activities;
  • Promoting social engagements within local communities;
  • Mobilising the Somali diaspora to engage in the development of their home country.
  • Promoting the integration of the Somali youth community n the Netherland through sport
Samenwerkingsverbanden met: HIRDA partnered with Oxfam Novib in 1999. Since then, the two organizations have worked together in the social service sector, providing basic education and healthcare in Somalia.Since 2011, HIRDA is part of the IMPACT Alliance, led by Oxfam Novib. 
HIRDA also partner with Unicef Somalia, IOM and Amsterdam municipality.

HIRDA's projects are divided projects in the Netherlands and the international projects. the project here below are the projects in the NL. more please visit our website.
Naam: Resilience through sport
Korte inhoud: In order to improve their situation and increase their participation in Dutch society, HIRDA started the project Resilience through Sports in 201 and continued until 2016. Six Somali futsal teams from six different cities in The Netherlands received futsal training on a weekly basis in their hometown, including resilience training where they were able to talk about the problems they are facing during their daily lives. The aim is to help them assimilate, to become resilient against negative influences from the outside, and to get in touch with other Somali youngsters in their city to share experiences.

Naam: link up and learn
Korte inhoud: Link Up & Learn is an initiative of the HIRDA Foundation to support female newcomers of Somalis in Amsterdam and to inform about education and work opportunities. The HIRDA Foundation focuses on Link Up & Learn on young female refugees between the ages of 16 and 33 who stay in the Netherlands for more than 10 years and have a link with the city of Amsterdam. This target group has fled to the Netherlands in the past 10 years and is facing all kinds of problems in building a new life in a completely different country than their home country of origin.